September 29, 2023 Freelance Opportunities!

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  • The Blood Project is a not-for-profit educational website that improves medical knowledge about the blood’s connection to human health, disease, and therapeutics. The Blood Project runs essays, poetry, creative writing, podcasts, art interpretation, and more. The Blood Project needs pitches from freelance writers. Here’s an example of a great essay from a freelance writer for reference. US and non-US citizens welcome! Pitch The Blood Project founder Dr. Bill Aird, MD, directly at [email protected]. ($0.50/word, essays tend to be 1,500-2,000 words)

  • Fine Books & Collections magazine is looking for short and feature story pitches on subjects of interest to book collectors, librarians, and bibliophiles. Rates range from $200 to $700 depending on length.

  • Insider needs parents who moved from or to the US to write about different school systems ($250/story)

  • Glamour UK Condé Nast (UK) needs a writer who was diagnosed with body dysmorphic disorder

  • Betches needs pitches from freelance writers on parenting, pop culture, career, LGBTQ, etc. ($1)/word)

  • The War Horse News needs pitches about military/veteran issues for a civilian audience ($1,000-$1,500/story)

  • Al Jazeera needs freelance journalists and photojournalists for culture, history, social issues, and lifestyle pitches

  • Cosmopolitan needs essays and opinion pitches from POC/LGBTQ+ writers on women’s sex lives after 60 (would prefer writers over 60, $400+/story)

  • Broadway News needs a part-time Broadway news reporter ($30/hour)

  • Stylist Magazine (UK) needs pitches on friendship, relationships, and career

  • Material Queer needs LGBTQ+ writers to pitch interviews, features, and reviews (£150 - £220)

  • DualShockers needs a freelance features article writer, list article writer, and gaming guides writer

  • needs a UK-based freelance news reporter

  • The Telegraph (London) needs freelance features and lifestyle production journalists

  • BBC needs a UK-based freelance men’s health writer for a food-related issue

  • This Magazine needs Canadian journalists to pitch ideas for its January/February edition

  • The Daily Beast needs pitches for its innovation section ($300+)

  • Unchained needs freelance journalists to pitch feature stories on web3, crypto scams, VC funding, etc.

  • Forbes is accepting applications for the 2024 HBCU Scholars Program where rising journalists write, pitch, fact check, and report ($21/hour)

  • Solutions Journalism Network needs pitches from journalism trainers, editors , reporters, and producers; and journalism school educators interested in (or already) leading solutions journalism trainings for journalists 


  • GrowthMatch needs a freelance part-time B2B LinkedIn ghostwriter ($20/hour)

  • AllTrails needs a remote contract UX writer ($80-$110/hour)

  • PhotoRoom needs a EU/UK-based freelance copywriter to create website copy

  • Diana Sithiyopasakul’s client (LA) needs a freelance UX copywriter to begin in mid-October

  • BetterSleep needs an entry level contract UX writer

  • April Ford (Melbourne) needs a freelance contract social media content and copywriter ($35-$40/hour)

  • DISCO needs a freelance SEO content writer with subject matter expertise in law and legal tech

  • Magestore needs English freelance content writers

  • Foundation 65 needs a freelance copywriter with advertising experience to create talking points for communications

  • Murmur Creative needs a US-based part-time freelance strategic writer (ideally Portland-based)

  • needs a contract web content writer (paid per article)

  • The Body Coach (UK) needs a freelance copywriter for fitness newsletter, blogs, and social media

  • Ingenuity (UK) needs a part-time content writer

  • Airbyte needs data engineers, analytics engineers, and software developers to write for it

  • Certara needs a contract remote freelance medical writer

  • Solomon Page needs a senior UX writer/content designer (must be PST time zone)

  • Pinwheel needs US-based freelance SEO writers for content on background checks

  • 24 Seven Talent needs a remote copywriter in the travel industry

  • Albion Rye Associates needs UK/Canada/US-based medical writers for workshop design experiences

  • Heranow needs freelance legal writers and business writers for reports

  • Digitalbox Publishing (UK) needs a part-time freelance writer (£125)

  • Energen needs a freelance copywriter

  • Momentus Capital needs freelance writers to support thought leadership and explainer blogs

  • Thousand Ant needs a freelance tech/documentation writer

  • Mikron Theatre Company needs scriptwriters for shows with songs (£9k)

  • New York Ave needs freelance copywriters

  • MotorBiscuit needs an automotive freelance writer

  • Tridge needs a freelance writer for agriculture articles

  • Kooelli needs a freelance SEO copywriter


  • Teaching Lab needs a copy editor consult to curate content ($30-$40/hour)

  • Insider needs a part-time US-based editor (10-15 hours/week)

  • Zoo needs freelance English editors

  • Newgen Publishing UK needs a freelance ELT content/copyeditor

  • Axios needs a remote part-time copy editor

  • The BMJ (medical journal) needs a freelance research editor to peer edit research papers (UK-based pub that encourages applications from people outside the UK)

  • Positive News needs a UK-based maternity cover partners editor (20 hours/week, £16,500–£18,000)

  • Ekimetrics (France) needs a freelance writer/editor to check the English in articles

  • CACTUS needs a freelance rheumatology academic editor to review STEM papers (must have PhD/master’s degree)


  • SurveyMonkey (Canada) needs a remote associate SEO content strategist

  • Gosu Academy needs a remote YouTube strategist for an esports/gaming organization ($2,500-$4,000/project)


  • TransferGo (Warsaw, Poland) needs a freelance content marketing specialist to manage content strategy and work with influencers, writers, and partners (also in London)

  • Nara Communications needs Germany/Nordic-based freelance PRs

  • Tortuga (US) needs a freelance retention marketer for email and SMS to convert subscribers into buyers

  • A large healthcare company (US) needs freelance healthcare PRs

  • Watson Creative needs freelance public relations consultants

  • breakwhitelight needs a freelance public relations coordinator ($25-$30/hour)


  • Bright Flower Creative needs a remote part-time social media copywriter to create social media copy for 3-4 brands (5-10 hours/week, $25-$30/hour)

  • The Qi needs a freelance social media professional to work on TikTok and Instagram

  • Oreva Technologies needs a UI/UX designer for a six-month contract

  • AMNotify needs a social manager for Discord groups

  • ezCater needs TikTok influencers to collaborate with

  • Speedwork Social needs a freelance paid media LinkedIn specialist ($20-$35/hour)

  • FCB New York needs a freelance social team



  • Shoot Business needs a Manchester, UK-based freelance FCPX editor to use Final Cut Pro X for post-production

  • Sunday (UK) needs a London-based freelance video editor for social and documentary work

  • CBS Sports needs a freelance TikTok video editor for UEFA Champions League coverage

  • Drowning Fish needs a video editor ($50-$100/project)

  • Minno needs freelance video editors and Flash/Adobe animators

  • FlOW Creative (UK) needs freelance animators and motion designers


  • June Mango needs a contract Squarespace designer (20-25 hours/month)

  • Digital i (Bristol, England) needs a freelance WordPress front-end developer that can support a website rebuild/rework

  • Laura Karin Creative (UK) needs a freelance web designer with a fashion/beauty background

  • needs a freelance graphic/Webflow designer

  • Too Gallus (Scotland) needs freelance Webflow developers


  • ZOO (UK) needs freelance audio QC specialists

  • Freelancing Females needs a remote assistant (Austin-based candidates preferred, 8 hours/week, $15-$18/hour)

  • AllTrails (Belgium) needs a remote contract trail data consultant

  • ZOO needs freelance voice actors

  • Asli Leone needs a US/Canada-based freelance senior copywriter for client’s UX and B2B ($70-85/hr and can become full-time)

  • Kingsland (New York) needs a freelance account/project manager


  • GUAP Mag (UK) is building a database of freelance video editors, graphic designers, sound designers, colorists, producers, photographers, and VFX

  • Better Bar needs freelance designers + copywriters

  • Reeves Media needs freelance social media specialists, graphic designers, and creative copywriters. Reeves Media also needs Midlands-based video editors/creators.

  • MineLife Media LLC needs an industrial freelance writer for mining articles, a graphic designer for infographics, and potentially a video/audio editor and animator

  • Creative Niche needs freelance copywriters, designers, art directors, etc. who have worked with retail clients

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