September 24, 2023 Freelance Opportunities!

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  • Art UK needs pitches from Scotland-based freelance journalists

  • Elemental 365 (UK) needs freelance writers for stories on building decarbonisation

  • Court Watch needs freelance journalists

  • needs pitches from freelance journalists

  • Prism Reports (US) needs a Bay area-based freelance writer from a criminal justice story

  • Politics Code Blue (US) needs a political freelance writer/journalist

  • Junei needs UK journalists for personal money stories (£120/article)

  • The Lead UK needs UK-based freelance writers (ideally outside of London) (£400/article)

  • TechReport/com and Techopedia needs tech/software freelance writers

  • Huck Magazine (UK) needs pitches from freelance writers for evergreen features this fall/winter

  • Condé Nast Traveler (US) has a new editor who will be looking for freelancers

  • The NIHCM Foundation has grants for health reporting (apply by October 10)


  • StyleAI needs a freelance copywriter

  • Seroka Brand Development (US) needs a part-time/freelance copywriter for the mortgage industry

  • Angi needs a freelance financial writer

  • Newsela needs a freelance technology-enhanced item development contributor to create assessments

  • Trade School needs a freelance naming consultant/copywriter

  • Salomon (London/Manchester/Liverpool) needs a freelance sportstyle marketing specialist

  • CCP Interactive needs a freelance writer

  • Nursing Times (London) needs a part-time clinical writer

  • Aberdeen Performing Arts needs a writer to work with young people to develop a short play (£5,085)

  • Onwards Search needs a copywriter/UX writer for a beverage brand

  • Createch needs a news editor/writer

  • Disrupt needs a part-time copywriter (£15/hour, 15 hours/week)

  • Max’s Monthly Challenge needs a scriptwriter ($200-$750/project)

  • (Spain) needs mid-senior content freelancers

  • Omnicom Health Group needs a freelance medical writer

  • Demographica needs a freelance copywriter

  • iHerb needs a freelance UX writer (must be in Pacific time zone)

  • Earthy needs a freelance writer for a project about business, culture, and adventure

  • Edrio needs a freelance copywriter

  • Streamloots needs a freelance copywriter for Reddit strategy, SEO and SEM


  • Stone Press needs a freelance content producer/researcher

  • FARFETCH needs a freelance content sub-editor (German)

  • Morgan and Westfield needs a remote part-time corporate finance copy editor (£25-£32/hour)



  • Semrush needs Europe-based freelance project managers and brand marketers

  • Impact Hub London needs UK-based part-time marketing support

  • VooDoo Marketing (US) needs freelance media buyers, email marketers, brand strategists, etc.

  • Fenwick needs a freelance restaurant and food PR

  • Law 360 needs London-based lawyers and PRs

  • Walibi needs a PR freelancer for its theme park

  • M&C Saatchi needs a UK-based freelance AD/SAD

  • Charles Floate (Thailand) needs a part-time PR/social media person (must be in Europe/Asia/Oceania timezone)

  • Cbetter needs a freelance PR consultant for a D2C fashion brand

  • Rossanna Novella needs a freelance PR person for VIP stories she’s photographed


  • Steel City needs a freelance social media content creator

  • No Revisions needs a freelance social media copywriter ($15-$23/hour)

  • Fullerton Strategies needs a freelance social media content creator

  • Eleven (Sydney) needs a freelance social media manager

  • Craft Agency (UK) needs freelance social community managers

  • Become needs freelance community managers


  • Balbaim Beauty needs a 2D freelance designer ($36-$50/hour)

  • Apple Marcom needs a remote senior screen designer

  • VOTE needs a Louisiana-based freelance graphic designer/video producer ($25-$35)

  • PHNTM needs a freelance senior graphic/digital designer

  • 1440 Daily Digest needs a freelance graphic designer (5-10 hours/week)

  • Meraki needs a thumbnail designer ($100/project)

  • Creative Circle needs a freelance graphic designer ($30-$37/hour, 5-10 hours/week)

  • River Film needs freelance 3DS max animators

  • RAPP needs a freelance presentation deck designer

  • FatTail needs a freelance graphic designer

  • Stealth Startup needs a product UI/UX designer (must be based in Americas/Eurpope timezone)

  • Protopie needs a freelance UX/UI product designer for a website prototype

  • Trail Running Film Festival (Washington) is accepting submissions for its 2024 Global Tour Poster Design ($1,000)

  • Globe Content Studio is holding 15-minute meetings for Canadian designers and artists interested in visual storytelling


  • Ziff Media Group needs a gifting expert for a mid-October on-air video project

  • Ernie Ball needs a freelance content creator to film short-form videos

  • StevenTalksTech needs a video editor ($100-$200/project)

  • Fair Square Medicare needs a video editor ($150-$250/project)

  • Fox Sports needs an LA-based freelance digital video specialist ($28.50/hour)

  • Jwoo Social (England) needs a freelance social video editor for entertainment clients

  • Big Spaceship needs a freelance virtical video creative (art director position that may become full-time)

  • A nuclear start-up needs a Richland, Washington-based freelance photographer

  • Paws in Work needs a London-based freelance photographer for puppy therapy sessions (£100)



  • Taneia Surles (US) needs a virtual assistant ($20-$35/hour, 5 hours/week)

  • Rise at Seven needs a freelance data analyst

  • Liverpool John Moores University needs a part-time senior lecturer in prose ​(£45,585 - £56,021)

  • Tribe needs an East Coast-based freelance creative producer for brand activations, photo walls, and pop-ups

  • BRIO needs an influencer with kids

  • Lexie Hearing needs an influencer with hearing loss

  • PACE needs a temporary full-time senior project manager

  • PrettyLitter (US) needs a full-time project coordinator


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