More Job Boards You Probably Don't Know About

You all loved the last post about job boards. So, here’s 10 more!

— Kaitlyn

(More) Job Boards You Probably Don’t Know About

1. ilovecreatives

Truly a gem of a website. ilovecreatives always has the most random assortment of jobs and contract opportunities. I routinely search there for opportunities I haven’t seen elsewhere.

2. Skyword

Skyword is very similar to Contently. I haven't landed a ton of work from Skyword, but when I have, it's always been well-paid. Skyword will send out emails when they're looking for talent. It's worth making a profile there.

3. If You Could Jobs

If You Could Jobs collects full-time and contract opportunities for UK-based graphic designers, project managers, writers, editors, motion designers, social media managers, strategists, and videographers. I always find cool opportunities here.

4. YT Jobs

YT Jobs focuses solely on full-time and freelance jobs for video editors, creative directors, thumbnail designers, channel managers, YouTube strategists, scriptwriters, and producers. If you want to work with YouTube channels and creatives, this is the place to look.

5. Arts Jobs UK

As the name says, Arts Job UK includes opportunities for creatives in England. The job board always has jobs for managers, coordinators, facilitators, assistants, and creatives at a variety of museums, libraries, event venues, and businesses. It’s a great place to look if you want a cool short-term contract job.


This job board collects new opportunities for journalists, managing and copy editors, and reporters in the UK. You'll see mostly full-time roles here, but I always find good freelance opportunities here.

7. Creative Hotlist

Creative Hotlist always has roles for US-based designers, editors, writers, interns, managers, and animators. Though this job board leans toward full-time roles, you'll find freelance opportunities here too.

8. Peak Freelance

I check Peak Freelance's job board weekly. Peak Freelance only focuses on freelance writers, so it’s a great place for content-focused people to bookmarkk.

9. Superpath

Superpath only rounds up jobs for content marketers, writers, managers, strategists, and editors. Superpath’s job board is small, but often includes well-paid opportunities.

10. We Work Remotely

We Work Remotely is constantly updated with contract jobs for managers, writers, developers, assistants, strategists, editors, and creatives. Most jobs hire people from anywhere in the world, but some are only for US-based individuals.


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