Job Boards You Probably Don't Know About

Hello freelance friends! I field a lot of questions from freelancers about how to start freelancing, where to find work, and what to do when you hit a roadblock. Freelancing at its core is just an experiment. What works for you now may not work forever, and you need to be prepared to pivot. And from what I hear, a lot of freelancers are gearing up to look for new clients in Q2. That’s why I wanted to share a few job boards you’ve probably never heard of (but should really know about)!

— Kaitlyn

Job Boards You Probably Don’t Know About

1. Qwoted

I check Qwoted’s media jobs board every week. It’s always loaded with remote full-time and contract jobs for editors, copywriters, reporters, and content writers. You’ll find a ton of calls for pitches and fellowships there too.

2. Sam’s Social Media Club

Sam’s Social Media Club includes international social media marketing and management jobs. Most of them are full-time, but you’ll find roles for content creators, interns, and freelancers too.


If you want to work with newsletter businesses, bookmark Most of the jobs listed are full-time, but you’ll find occasional freelance writing or email marketing roles there too.

4. Yentalist

I wouldn’t have known about Yentalist without following Fresh Starts Registry over on Twitter, so I’m 99% certain that you have no idea what it is. Yentalist rounds up new marketing opportunities for designers, producers, editors, engineers, writers, editors, virtual assistants, and strategists five days a week. Bookmark it right now.

5. Contently

Contently’s job board only includes roles that are available on its platform, but it’s always looking for editors and writers. Contently is a nice platform to work on. You submit your assignment and the money hits your Paypal account instantly. No invoicing!

6. Freelancing Females

Freelancing Females does so much good work for freelancers everywhere, and its job board is one of the best! Tons of remote, contract, and freelance roles in marketing, PR, design, content and creative are uploaded daily. Every freelance opportunity includes rate information whenever possible.

7. Harlow

Harlow always spots great US-based freelance roles for writers, editors, marketers, designers, project managers, virtual assistants, and videographers. If you’re looking for a job in social media, bookmark this!

8. Remote Source

Remote Source is a massive remote and hybrid job board that curates roles for any industry you can think of. I like to check it when I’m searching for freelance software or engineering roles. Remote Source’s newsletter is also great for staying updated on any remote work trends.

9. Creative Lives in Progress Opportunities Board

Creative Lives in Progress curates UK-based entry-level roles and junior jobs, freelance opportunities, grants, and fellowships. Many are London-based, but you’ll sometimes find remote opportunities listed.

10. Led By Community

Led By Community’s job board focuses exclusively on international community roles. Most are full-time, but you’ll find contract and part-time roles there too. And if you’re looking for more community roles and knowledge, I cannot recommend Max’s Hire Community roundups enough!


By the way, all Buy Me a Coffee members have access to the Places to Find Freelance Work database, which includes job boards, internet searches, newsletters, social media accounts, and communities that promote freelance opportunities. I’ve done my best to keep membership affordable and create useful resources that will help ya’ll!


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