July 5, 2024 Freelance Opportunities!

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  • Wired Travel needs pitches (rates start at $500/story and go up based on the reporting commitment. Agreed upon expenses will be reimbursed)

  • Parapraxis needs pitches for Issue 06: Resistances Summer 2025 (Print rates vary depending on length from $500-800. Web rates are a flat $500)

  • Scalawag needs pitches for its 5th annual Abolition Week. Scalawag will prioritize pitches from current & formerly incarcerated writers. (Pitches due Sunday, July 7)

  • Planetizen needs pitches for feature articles that bring an expert lens to today's key planning issues ($500)

  • GenderIT.org needs pitches on tech and its intersection with gender and sexuality from the global south (.30/word)

  • Notion Magazine needs pitches

  • Tripadvisor needs a writer for a roundup about thessaloniki who is well-versed in the destination ($290, pitches due by mid July)

  • Tripadvisor needs a writer for a roundup about Cancun beaches ($290, pitches due by mid July)

  • GamesRadar+ needs experienced freelance video game reviewers

  • Teen Vogue needs POC politics writers

  • Notion Magazine needs pitches

  • 1440 needs contract writers for business and finance content

  • Polyester Zine needs pitches on current internet culture and pop culture and needs more interviewers (rates are low at £65 for 1000 words)

  • This Magazine (Canada) needs pitches for its culture issue about the arts industry (pitches due now)

  • Cover Media needs freelance journalists to write feature stories

  • Stylist needs pitches on first person essays hooked to the news cycle

  • Daily Express has multiple freelance shifts available

  • Complex needs pitches on anything internet (memes, movies + tv, streaming personalities, video games, wrestling, etcetera) (don’t pitch until after July 17)

  • Popular Mechanics needs science/technology writers to report on UAPs and aliens ($800-$1,200/story)

  • High Country News needs longform feature, profile & investigative pitches about Alaska by Alaska Native and Alaska-based journalists (HCN pays $1/word for reported content and .50/word for essays and reviews.)

  • CONE Magazine needs writers who cover street style and design (Features range from $200-400 for 1,000-2,000 words)

  • EBONY Media needs a freelance editorial coordinator

  • The Sociological Review Foundation needs pitches research-informed articles aimed at a broad global readership looking at the sea for the October magazine (due July 5)

  • The TRiiBE needs pitches on the DNC in Chicago

  • Belt Publishing needs pitches on the Rust Belt, Midwest, Appalachia

  • Resilience Media needs a freelance writer ($1,500-$3,000 a month)

  • Wisecrack needs freelance writers to write video essays

  • Rascal News (tabletop roleplaying game publication) needs pitches from across the breadth of the TTRPG ecosystem, from personal essays to reviews to investigations. 

  • Business Insider essays from millennials or Gen Zers who rely on their parents for financial support ($220)

  • ROMchip needs pitches for game history longreads ($1,000)

  • The National Survivor User Network needs pitches on mental healthcare in a failing state by by people with lived experience of mental ill-health, distress and trauma considering the topic of “mental healthcare in a failing state”, and the potential for change (£150, pitches due July 26)

  • Jamhoor Media needs pitches on the current South Asia struggles that consider the role of a diversity of tactics in national/subnational liberation (100 CAD, pitches due July 15)

  • Business Insider needs US vs. non-US story ideas and essays about moving from expats/those who experienced a major culture shock ($220)

  • Rest of World needs pitches on US tech companies’ impact in South Asia, East Asia, Africa, Latin America, and China as well as regional companies’ attempts to break into the US market, and stories about the unique issues faced by immigrant tech workers

  • Rest of World needs freelance pitches on Chinese and diaspora experiences with technology, unique angles on U.S.-China tech rivalry and the impact of China tech around the world

  • Scottish BPOC Writers Network (Scotland) needs Black writers and writers of color to pitch stories around the theme of space

  • GameBound needs pitches on game retrospectives, hardware features, interviews, and personal essays

  • Art with Heart needs a trans/nonbinary artist to write a blog post about the arts (£250)

  • Skin Deep Magazine needs a submissions from student encampments for Palestine (£150)

  • HerStry is open to personal essay pitches ($20 with a submission fee of $3, pay is super low)

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  • The Neuron needs a contract lead writer who knows AI ($30/hour)

  • Wayfair needs a mid-level copywriter to handle social media, editorial content, and promotional materials

  • Dice (US) needs a freelance per diem newswriter ($48/hour)

  • MVF needs B2B freelancers with expertise in trucking, dentistry, legal, accounting, food and hospitality

  • AccuWeather needs a freelance content writer for a three-month contract

  • Bell Federal Systems needs a GSA schedule proposal writer (up to $30/hour)

  • CBR needs a remote contract gaming mini-feature writer

  • BlueNalu needs a freelance copywriter for food content

  • Omniscient needs a freelance technical writer for infrastructure management software

  • Omniscent needs a freelance technical editor for infrastructure management software

  • Randstad needs freelance copywriters with talent marketing experience (August to October contract)

  • Innovation Lab at Georgetown University needs a part-time contract writer and newsletter editor

  • Clever Hiker needs a contract outdoor gear website administrator and copy writer ($20/hour)

  • MacPaw needs a remote freelance cypersecurity writer ($30/hour)

  • Simple Flying needs freelance writers specializing in aviation

  • Solana Foundation needs a freelance writer with social and newsletter experience

  • Cam Webb Agency needs a freelance mid-level copywriter

  • Grammarly needs a freelance writer to revise user-submitted texts ($15/hour, 10 hours/week)

  • Rue Pinard Exclusive Wine and Spirits needs a freelance SEO content writer (£100-£200/500-1,000 words)

  • GoFundMe (US) needs a remote communications intern

  • Lockdown K needs a writer for its basketball YouTube channel ($350-$450/project)




  • GrowLetter needs a part-time paid marketing manager ($2,000-$5,000 per month depending on how many clients you work with)

  • Business of Fashion needs a freelance VIP publicist

  • Country and Town House needs PR people to pitch news stories for the good news roundup

  • PRRI is accepting applications for the PRRI Public Fellowship Program (due July 5, $5,000 stripend)

  • Mayron's Goods needs a part-time marketing and ads coordinator (5-10 hours/week)

  • Kind Designs needs a part-time graphic design and marketing intern ($25/hour)

  • Substack needs a temporary growth marketing manager (20 hours, $50-85/hr)

  • Black Funding Network needs a remote freelance communications and outreach manager (10 hours, £20/hour)

  • Become Recruitment UK needs freelance PR experts

  • The Independent needs to hear from PRs on fitness and wellness


  • Daffnee Cohen Marketing needs a content creator/social media manager to work on client accounts ($30-35/hour, 10 hours/week)

  • L.O.L Suprise! needs an Instagram/TikTok content creator with a child ($700 and products)

  • Sensa Padel needs a content creator who knows social trends, Canva, and user generated content

  • Hustle Media (South Africa) needs a remote freelance social media manager and designer

  • Black Child Development Institute (Ohio) needs a part-time remote social media manager

  • Educated Solutions Corp needs a remote part-time social media marketing specialist for a client (10 hours/week)

  • Walking Softer needs a part-time social media coordinator ($26/hour)

  • COURIER needs a freelance social media manager (this is really a full-time position at $26/hour, 40 hours/week)

  • Grid Studios needs a social media designer and manager (full-time contract to go full-time £32 - £37k per year)

  • Easol needs a part-time freelance content creator

  • The Outset (NYC) needs a freelance content creator

  • Fonuts needs a freelance content creator/social media manager

  • TENTH Floor needs a six-month contract social media and content manager ($4,000/month)

  • Right Click Management needs a freelance social media assistant ($1,400-$2,000/month)

  • Impact Culture (UK) needs a freelance social media professional

  • LullaBellz (UK) needs a freelance social media assistant/editor

  • Gloa Digital needs a freelance social media manager

  • Scoop (UK) needs a freelance social media/community management pro

  • RL3 Productions/Loaded Magazine needs a freelance social media pro

  • Battenhall needs a freelance content creator





  • Untamed (London) needs a contract web designer for a site redesign

  • Shipcrew needs freelance Three.js and Fabric.js developers

  • Capture Art needs a freelance WordPress web developer

  • Idaho Office For Refugees needs a programmer/web developer to develop reports using SSRS in the Statewide Refugee Information System (SRIS) t

  • Aerotech B2B needs freelance React and web developers

  • Koda Staff (Brussels) needs a contract React developer

  • FourPointZero Recruitment needs a freelance full-stack developer (£400/day)



  • LAI Video needs freelance videographers/DPs, script and copywriters, photographers, audio technicians, video editors, animators, hair and makeup artists, graphic designers, and illustrators

  • Made Brave (UK) needs freelance designers, animators, account managers, strategists, copywriters, and more

  • Storytribe Media needs freelance graphic designers and copywriters and social content managers

  • ICHI Worldwide needs freelancers with experience in the gaming industry

  • Pulse needs a US-based freelance project manager and a freelance videographer (ideally based on east coast)

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