June 28, 2024 Freelance Opportunities!

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  • Best Lawyers needs freelance legal feature story pitches for upcoming issues and has stories to assign

  • Rolling Stone needs pitches for its new gaming section

  • Economic Hardship Reporting Program needs photography essays, features, and reported stories ($750-$1,500)

  • Wanderlust Magazine needs writers who have been to Saudi Arabia

  • SpeciaList needs UK and Canadian city recs from a locally-based outdoors expert (the writer is not the specialist, $600+)

  • CreativeBoom needs a freelance journalist to write about illustration, animation, and visual arts

  • Aeon needs pitches

  • Business Insider needs personal essays from foreigner parents who have traveled to the US with their kids

  • The Star (Toronto, Canada) needs pitches on arguments, longer pieces that bridge opinion/reported, and wants to hear from novelists, poets, and creative nonfiction writers (600-800 words, rates start at $0.50/word)

  • The International Policy Journal needs pitches on foreign policy (articles $400, features $1,500)

  • Washingtonian needs a UK-based writer who's comfortable with both magazine profiles and tackling subjects who aren't eager to talk ($1/word+)

  • Business Insider needs pitches from parents who won’t leave their kids with the grandparents

  • Business Insider needs pitches from people who have given up on streaming and switched back to cable

  • Asterisk needs pitches on communities ($2,000/story)

  • Doug Saunders needs a freelance journalist in NYC who is very fluent in Spanish to do a few days of in-person work over the summer, mostly conducting interviews, some translation etc

  • Hone Health needs pitches on longevity and optimization, including nutrition, fitness, wellness, etc.

  • HotCars needs a freelance automotive journalist

  • GBH needs a part-time world reporter

  • StyleCaster needs freelance writers

  • The Onion needs writers and creators for its fellowship (six months, $35,000)

  • Longreads needs personal essays and reported essays

  • EQT Group needs US-based finance/business journalists

  • ProPublica needs a local reporting network fellow

  • LabourList (Scotland) needs freelance political journalists (£70-140)

  • Afar Media needs a travel writer familiar with Albania for a brief write-up that will in appear in print + online. ($400)

  • Vegas411 needs a freelance writer (low rates $100-$150/article)

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  • Senja needs a freelance social seller (applications close June 30)

  • Opening Bell Media needs pitches from PR and comms people

  • Laundry Service needs a freelance ACD/senior ACD for food content creation

  • Paralian Marketing needs a part-time marketing specialist ($25/hour, 10-15 hours/week)

  • Tinybeans needs a creative and advertising partnerships strategist (six-month contract)

  • Clutch needs a freelance project account lead (up to $70/hour)

  • Phiture needs freelance CRM experts (25-40 hours/week)

  • IGM Financial (Toronto) needs a freelance corporate communications pro (looks like a full-time job)  


  • Brooklyn Magazine needs a part-time social media manager

  • Mountain and Isles needs a freelance video/photo/email content creator

  • IDX Marketing (Orlando) needs a freelance social media content creator

  • We Are Rosie (US) needs an organic social media strategist (25 hours/week, $45/hour)

  • 11e1even Group needs a freelance social media manager

  • HireArt needs a contract community manager who speaks Japanese and English





  • A fitness app needs a mobile app developer for iOS and Android

  • Kanter Auto (Canada, US. UK) needs a freelance developer for a Shopify Plus site

  • Week of the Website needs full stack Shopify developers for different projects

  • MarsBased needs freelance developers for different projects

  • Vivid Resourcing needs a remote contract mobile application developer

  • Uber needs remote freelance coding specialists


  • CleverHiker needs a freelance gear analyst and tester

  • Red Sofa needs a freelance translator (English to German) for a Berlin-based digital agency

  • CalMatters needs a part-time program manager (20 hours/month, $35-$50/hour)

  • HERE Studio (Los Angeles) needs a freelance project manager

  • Liverpool Biennial needs a freelance production manager (deadline today, day rate £220 - 250)

  • Publicis Health needs freelance senior project managers

  • Scotland Medicine needs a freelance programme coordinator (£7,200, payable monthly (£600.00))


  • StratOps Collective needs freelance designers and writers for various clients

  • Design Business Company needs a freelance senior/lead producer (5-10 hours/week)

  • Ad Talent needs a freelance ACD/lead designer and an EP/lead producer

  • The Unit Agency needs a creative team to work on a tobacco brand project

  • Cuisine (New Zealand) needs  freelance writers, editors, proofers and recipe developers

  • Shetland Arts (UK) needs a communications and advocacy lead (£12,000 fee with a £4,000 budget)

  • Shetland Arts (UK) needs an artist advocate (£3,500 with a budget of £500 for project spend)

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