Strategically Plan for a Solid Q2

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I don’t know about you, but graduation season’s got me in a reflection mood. I’m thinking about what I’ve accomplished and how much more I want to get done. I know we’re well into Q2, but I’m willing to bet that you haven’t taken a beat to think back on where you’ve been and where you’re going. This is what I recommend focusing on this quarter. Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment on this post.

— Kaitlyn

Strategically Plan for a Solid Q2

1. Don’t beat yourself up over a bad Q1

I've heard from a lot of freelancers that they've had a slow Q1 for one reason or another. Some brands have taken things in-house, others have chosen to scale back. Regardless of what your Q1 looked like, there’s no going back. Take what lessons you can learn from it and move forward.

2. Diversify your income

Client work can slow down or become unreliable. Multiple income streams are the key to staying afloat as a self-employed person. Now might be the time to launch a digital product, explore offering a new service, or take on additional work. Matthew Fenton has the best breakdown of when you should (and shouldn't) diversify your business.

3. Tell everyone you’re available for work

I'm not talking about randomly DMing or emailing people. That doesn't work. Instead, you're going to:

  • Create a LinkedIn post highlighting your services and availability

  • Tell former and current clients that you're able to take on more work

  • Share testimonials from happy clients on social media

  • Send letters of introduction to potential clients

  • Share work you’ve completed on social media

4. Work on all the things you put off

I had a lot of plans for Q1 that...did not happen. So I’m making them a bigger priority in Q2. Every freelancer I know has procrastinated on something, so you’re certainly not the only person who has put off getting something done. Any procrastination you’re facing is probably trying to tell you something, so work on figuring out why you’re stuck.

5. Update your portfolio

If there’s one thing all freelancers have in common, it’s an outdated portfolio. It’s easy to let this fall to the bottom of your list! But your portfolio is an important part of lead generation and its worth compounds over time. So before June hits I want you to:

  • Add new clips and include the results you achieved and the skills you used

  • Make a separate page on your website for each service you offer that explains the value of what you do (Wudan Yan’s fact-checking page is a good example)

  • Do a portfolio swap with another freelancer so you can get feedback

6. Start that newsletter

I put off starting a newsletter for the longest time and regret it. I thought it would be really hard and time-consuming but I didn’t realize how much joy it would bring me. I love newsletters so much I’m starting a new one.

With social media algorithms constantly changing, you need to have a home where you can consistently reach your audience. I highly recommend beehiiv, but the newsletter platform you choose isn’t nearly as important as the value you provide.

7. Get some accountability going

I meet up with a few editor friends once or twice a month to talk about how our businesses are going and what challenges we’re facing. It’s a simple Zoom and it does so much to propel me forward with encouragement, feedback, and laughter. Join a community or create your own mastermind. Freelancing can be a lonely road. But it doesn’t have to be!

8. Get your finances together

I’m going to assume that most of you are financially responsible people who put aside 30% of their income to pay quarterly taxes and have IRAs set up. Personally, I’m a mess. I made more last year than I realized and got hit hard with taxes in April along with necessary computer repairs. Don’t hate your life. Track your income.

9. Define what you want your summer to be

While other people slow down in summer, Michelle speeds up. I like to use my summers to spend more time with my family, create new resources, and market my services so I can cue up work for the fall. What do you want your summer to look like? Define your perfect summer now so you can take whatever steps you need to to make it happen.

10. Have a good time

Live your life with purpose. Work is only a small slice of it. Do something that brings you joy.


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…the next time someone wants to use your experience, knowledge, and time but not compensate you.

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