October 27, 2023 Freelance Opportunities!

Will Storr is back!

Embark on an intriguing journey into the world of non-fiction storytelling with our upcoming event, "The Science of Storytelling Non-Fiction," featuring bestselling author Will Storr.

Building upon the success of our previous "Science of Storytelling" event, this captivating session will revolutionize your approach to non-fiction writing. Join us on YIP.COM for a masterclass that delves deep into the art of crafting compelling narratives rooted in real-life experiences. Explore the cognitive processes that metamorphose everyday occurrences into extraordinary tales, providing you with fresh perspectives for your own non-fiction projects. Whether you're an aspiring writer, seasoned journalist, or simply enthusiastic about the magic of storytelling, this event is an invaluable addition to your storytelling repertoire. Don't miss this chance to learn from a true master of the craft.

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  • Bar & Restaurant News needs freelance writers for how-to style content

  • BikeRumor.com (UK/US) needs a cycling writer-reporter ($3,000-$3,500/month)

  • Hughes Brand Group LLC needs freelance writers for LGBTQ, beauty, hair, commerce, TikTok, and internet stories

  • Techopedia needs freelance writers for VPN, antivirus, and AI informational content

  • The Canadian Press needs a reporter/editor for a six-month contract

  • TheInertia.com needs a snowsports affiliate freelance writer

  • The Telegraph (UK) needs freelance features and lifestyle production journalists

  • Insider needs pitches on unique travel ($200)

  • Civil Eats needs pitches from freelance journalists

  • Aha Media Group needs a healthcare lead gen freelance writer (10 hours/week)

  • Insider needs pitches from Bath & Body Works employees about Black Friday ($220)

  • Gannett needs full-time fellows to work on statehouse reporting

  • Grist needs a US-based climate news fellow ($55,000/year)

  • Nonprofit Quarterly needs pitches from people working on economic justice in their workplace and pitches on climate and disability ($300)

  • Chicago Reader needs regular contributors ($100-$400)

  • The Stillwater Gazette needs a freelance writer for police reports

  • Grist needs a US-based Indigenous affairs fellow ($55,000/year)

  • RedCat Digital needs a UK-based freelance writer to write soap spoilers

  • Virginia Living needs pitches from Virginia-based freelance journalists

  • The Tarbell Fellowship (UK) is accepting applications now from early career journalists covering AI


  • Babson College needs a freelance writer for Q&As, listicles, ghostwritten stories, etc.

  • Pursuit Marketing needs a freelance copywriter for technology and SaaS long- and short-form content

  • Entrepreneurs’ Organization needs a US-based mid-level permalance freelance copywriter

  • Another Tomorrow needs freelance fashion copywriters

  • Talent needs a freelance healthcare writer with Sitecore experience

  • iCoTech Services needs a UK-based freelance tech copywriter

  • ALX needs a freelance copywriter for a skin care/herbal treatment product

  • Mark Consigli needs a part-time freelance copywriter

  • Barrington James (US/Canada) needs a freelance medical writer with a scientific background and PR experience

  • Rise needs a freelance writer for SaaS and AI articles

  • The Natives (Australia) needs freelance copywriters

  • YouTuber Matthias needs a freelance writer to turn Notion videos into blog posts

  • Succoris needs UK-based freelance tech and grant writers for the National Health Service and health tech content


  • Hone Health needs an updates editor with an SEO background for its editorial site The Edge

  • The Telegraph (Victoria, UK) needs freelance homepage editors to write headlines, choose pictures, and present homepage stories in a compelling way

  • AFAR Media needs part-time freelance copy editors and proofreaders for print and digital

  • Apple News needs a US-based remote part-time copy editor (25 hours/week)

  • Lux Magazine needs a part-time copy editor who knows AP Style ($30/hour)

  • Civil Eats needs a US-based full-time editorial director (40 hours/week, $120,000/year)

  • The Paris Review needs NYC-based interns

  • Chani Nicholas Incorporated needs a US-based remote full-time copy editor



  • Morning Brew needs a freelance social video producer for TIkTOk

  • E! News needs a Los Angeles-based contract audience engagement coordinator ($24-$27/hour)

  • CANTEEN Spirits needs a freelance social media manager/influencer partnerships manager

  • Pure Fishing (Columbia, South Carolina) needs a virtual full-time content creator

  • Mariner Innovations (Canada) needs social media content creators and strategists

  • Tap Lab (UK) needs a part-time freelance influencer manager

  • Elektra Entertainment needs East Coast-based freelance social media strategists

  • Socialfly needs a remote contract social media coordinator

  • National Churches Trust needs a Westminster-based social media and content producer




  • Clutch Creative needs a remote contract to hire web developer (up to $50/hour)

  • Thomas Van Glabeke needs a freelance backend developer to collaborate with on an e-commerce project

  • The Canadian Press (Toronto) needs a contract front-end developer

  • The Canadian Press (Toronto) needs a contract QA engineer

  • Atlas needs a FinTech mobile/website designer

  • DARKFIELD needs a freelance web developer to integrate AI, interactive content, and video

  • FieldLabs.io needs a UI/UX designer and Next.js engineer


  • BBC needs Bristol/Cardiff-based freelance audio producers for programs and podcasts

  • Beehiiv needs a remote full-time business development representative

  • Wonder Media Network needs an NYC-based production intern (20-25 hours/week, $17/hour)


  • Circle needs a freelance senior designer and senior brand/content writer

  • The FA needs UK-based freelance video editors, motion graphics editors, social media producers, camera operators and editors, sound recordists, and presenters

  • Bread and Circuses Inc. (Canada) needs freelance writers and editors with B2B SaaS experience and executive ghostwriters

  • Evelyn Health needs a freelance video/audio editor and a graphic designer

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