October 20, 2023 Freelance Opportunities

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  • Subaru Drive needs freelance marketing copywriters for retail fixure copy, short video scripts, instructional manuals, and internal communications (rates will likely be between $50-$70/hour. Rates will depend on the project and how freelancers charge (ex. hour/project/work))

  • Reader’s Digest needs freelance writers for fashion, beauty, travel, and home stories

  • Bugfender needs stories from developers with insights and tips to share about coding (up to $500/article)

  • Seer Interactive needs a freelance content writer

  • Insider needs freelance pitches from people who regret signing a prenup ($200/story)

  • Betches needs freelance writers to share about the stress of wedding planning ($200-$400/story)

  • Positive News UK needs a Johannesburg-based freelance female journalist to report on a women’s mental health project

  • Insider needs a Coventry, UK-based freelance feature writer

  • Uppercut needs freelance writers ($100/piece)

  • The Parliament needs pitches on European political stories

  • Adult Explorers (new travel brand) needs freelance travel writers

  • Vera (Virgin Atlantic publication) needs a Jamaican-based writer to create a guide

  • Insider has a new editor that needs pitches for features and analysis

  • Slate needs culture pitches ($350+)

  • Guardian US needs feature pitches

  • Insider needs Aldi employees and a tattoo artist to write pieces ($200+)

  • Nonprofit Quarterly needs pitches on climate and disability ($300)

  • Hearst UK needs a full-time contract e-commerce writer



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  • Growth Plays needs a full-time customer success and account manager

  • James Campbell may subcontract to a freelance SEO/content marketer in the medical field


  • We Are Rosie needs a contract junior media planner (20-40 hours/week, $40-$55/hour)

  • Open Velocity needs a UK-based freelance marketing manager (£2000-£2500 month)

  • Atlassan needs a full-time ambassador program manager

  • We Are Rosie needs a US-based contract remote full-time project manager ($47/hour)

  • Christie’s (London) needs a summer marketing/creative apprentice

  • O POSITIV needs LA-based part-time/freelance influencer marketing managers

  • Harnham (UK) needs a contract social listening consultant (£300-325)

  • Looking for marketing sports jobs?



  • Book of the Month needs a freelance senior designer/art director

  • YouTuber and scientist Maxime Lenormand needs a freelance 3D blender/VFX animator for satellite images and mapping projects

  • The University of Washington needs a temporary graphic designer/illustrator for its school of nursing ($24.20/hour)

  • EZIO Creative needs a 2D/3D motion designer (remote or St. Louis, MO-based)

  • Redfish (English) needs a freelance technical designer to use AutoCAD software for a project (£200 to £220)

  • Aloha United Way (Hawaii) needs a freelance creative artist/designer

  • Form Careers (UK) needs freelance/contract designers

  • Gentler Stories needs a freelance marketing designer who can do video production

  • We Are Rosie needs an NYC-based junior graphic designer for a major food delivery service (40 hours/week, $48/hour)

  • Broadwick Studio (UK) needs freelance senior 3D designers

  • Apple Marcom needs an AR/VR art director

  • PC Express needs a contract UX designer

  • Electric Citizen needs a UX/UI designer

  • Metaphor needs a UI designer to work on a landing page

  • Apple Marcom needs a remote art editor

  • Synergis IT needs a UX/UI designer for healthcare education

  • Tribe Talent needs a freelance graphic designer and art worker

  • Ad Talent is recruiting an NYC-based fashion designer for a children’s fashion brand ($35/hour)

  • Peppertree Creative needs a Yorkshire-based freelance motion designer

  • Designit (Paris) needs a freelance senior product designer

  • Loop needs a freelance product designer for an early-stage parenting startup (DM or use the other link to apply)

  • Four Point Zero needs freelance After Effects 2D character animators

  • Exclaim Inc. (Chicago) needs freelance 3D artists for character animations and modeling

  • AllSTEM (Chicago) needs a contract graphic designer

  • Chris Mayne has an updated job board of animation, VFX, and game industry job postings


  • Ali Abdaal needs a freelance video editor ($2,500/month, deadline is this Sunday)

  • Hearst UK needs a full-time comercial video lead

  • Finzar needs a freelance video editor/animator ($1,000-$1,500/project)

  • GetYourGuide (San Francisco) needs a freelance photographer

  • Bimpe (London) needs a contract videographer

  • Furg needs a video editor ($750-$1,500/project)

  • GoGo Chateau needs a video editor ($100-$250)


  • Zendesk needs a freelance Webflow designer for a portfolio

  • FLUID needs a Munich-based freelance Webflow developer

  • MIGHTY&small (California) needs a freelance email designer/developer


  • Christie’s needs a London-based executive assistant to the chairman for a maternity cover

  • Oliver James is recruiting a Brussels-based freelance data architect and data engineer

  • CRIPtic Arts needs UK-based care, access, and support workers for its disabled community (London, Manchester, Bristol ideally, £150/day)

  • GLOBO needs freelance Spanish/Portuguese interpreters


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