October 13, 2023 Freelance Opportunities!

The Freelancer Cheat Sheet For Awkward Client Convos

Feeling anxious about telling a client your rates are going up? Frustrated about a late invoice payment, but afraid to rock the boat and potentially sour a good relationship?

Check out this guide for tips on smoothly navigating awkward client conversations and use the 6 free email templates to get paid on time, raise your rates, set firm scopes of work, and more.

You can also start your free trial with Hopscotch to automate some of these processes. Use Hopscotch to know exactly when a payment notification has been opened and viewed by your clients, send invoice auto-reminders, and even get paid before a client pays you.

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  • Metro Opinion (UK) needs first person pitches

  • U.S. News and World Report needs freelance writers for its law firms vertical and UK-based insurnance and tech writers

  • Guardian US needs pitches from freelance journalists

  • The Independent needs SEO freelancers

  • ESPN needs a freelance SEO writer for evergreen content

  • Insider needs pitches for personal essays on unconventional relationships, differences in US/international schools, and grandparents who break rules

  • Norwalk Daily Voice needs writers (doesn’t specify if freelance or full-time)

  • Dotdash Meredith needs a contract commerce writer ($30/hour)

  • CNN (Atlanta) needs a medical student for a long-term fellowship

  • CNN has many internship open, including a part-time newgathering internship in Atlanta, and a part-time research and analytics internship in NYC

  • The Fund for Women accepts applications from women and nonbinary journalists on a rolling basis

  • The Open Notebook has early career fellowships for science journalists

  • The Shaufler Prize in Journalism is accepting entries for journalism that understands the issues of underserved communities

  • Rebecca Aguilar has a long list of full-time journalism opportunities 



  • Stanford Medicine needs freelance editors

  • The Spruce Pets needs a contract remote editor ($25/hour)

  • Hachette needs a London/Edinburgh-based assistant project editor for a 5-month contract

  • Bumble needs a remote freelance Dutch localization specialist to make content culturally appropriate

  • Bumble needs a London-based full-time editorial coordinator

  • Mention Me (Dublin) needs a freelance senior content manager with SaaS experience preferably in the Martech space for an 8-week contract

  • Orchard (Manchester) needs a freelance content editor

  • The Spruce Pets needs a vet review board member

  • Redwood Publishing Recruitment needs a part-time assistant digital editor


  • KAR Creative needs a freelance email strategist ($40-$55/hour)

  • DVNTY needs a YouTube strategist ($3,000-$5,000/project)

  • Retirement House needs a YouTube strategist

  • Osama Ali (Pakistan) needs a freelance/remote SEO specialist for an e-commerce website






  • No Revisions needs a US-based freelance Shopify website designer

  • Hopps needs a freelance part-time website expert ($80/hour)

  • CrusonWeb needs a freelance website developer ($30/hour)



  • Skirt Magazine (Florida) needs freelance writers and photographers

  • Sunny505 (US) needs freelance graphic designers and social media managers

  • Kenyons (UK) needs freelance videographers, animators, designers, copywriters as well as an admin assistant

  • Save the Redwoods League (California) needs freelance journalists, travel writers, essayists, and photographers

  • MORE needs South African freelance social media specialists, graphic designers, content creators, copywriters, and SEO experts

  • Dan Bathie Creative needs freelance image retouchers and video editors

  • The Juggernaut needs NYC-based full-time writers, a senior full-stack engineer, a producer, and an executive editor


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