November 3, 2023 Freelance Opportunities!

Journalists reporting on crises often don’t have the resources they need to support their mental health. Sonia Weiser is raising money for Middle Eastern journalists and the fundraiser could really use your help. Also, if you haven’t already you should really subscribe to Sonia’s newsletter.

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  • Telegraph Business (London) needs pitches on finance, legal, professional training, software, marketing, HR, recruitment

  • Virtuoso needs Caribbean travel stories ($1/word)

  • Inverse needs video game pitches and 2024 ideas

  • Gamebook Color needs a freelance writer for a Pokemon Crystal retrospective (£100)

  • ProPublica is always open to freelance pitches

  • KCBS All News Radio (California) needs a freelance-to-full-time news reporter

  • needs a US-based remote contract news writer ($25/hour)

  • Seven Magazine needs freelance writers to cover fashion, architecture, interior design, travel, arts, and politics

  • ProPublica is open to applications for its full-time Ancil Payne reporting fellowship

  • Omidyar Network needs pitches on disability justice and how it should shape the future of technology, culture, and economy ($4,000/2,000 words)

  • The Evening Standard (UK) needs finance/legal pitches

  • The Sporting News needs a remote freelance sports commerce writer ($20-$25/hour)

  • Insider needs a 2024 West Coast health fellow

  • Rebecca Aguilar just posted a new list of journalism jobs 


  • Drizly needs freelance copywriters for performance marketing and campaigns

  • Complexly’s Crash Course needs a freelance political theory subject matter expert ($650/script)

  • Marble (Netherlands) needs English/Dutch-speaking copywriters and editors

  • LinkedIn needs a US-based remote blog writer/editor for the LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Sales Blog

  • Venture 4th Media needs Conan Exiles expert gamer writers

  • The Octopus Group needs B2B freelance writers

  • Bezzy (US/UK/Canada) needs chronic condition personal experience writers ($150/article)

  • EKCS needs a US-based midlevel copywriter for a rebranding project

  • Healthline (US/UK/Canada) needs freelance health news writers ($200/article)

  • Cannabiz Credit Association needs a freelance writer for thought leadership content

  • Pulley needs a construction and construction tech freelance writers

  • Arrowmac (California) needs a remote freelance copywriter for kid-related content ($35-$40/hour)

  • MadeForMums (UK) needs a freelance review writer and product tester

  • D-BOX Technologies (Quebec) needs freelance writers for website copy, articles, and one-pagers

  • Your Sleep Better Store (UK) needs two freelance writers

  • Peace Insight (UK) needs pitches from peacebuilders (£150-£170)

  • Talent needs a freelance copywriter (40 hours/week through 2023)

  • PC Mag needs freelance writers for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

  • Nteractive needs a freelance copywriter for a female sports/fashion job

  • Major Players (UK) needs a freelance copywriter (£350)

  • REMEZCLA needs Latine freelance beauty and fashion writers

  • Bookpage needs nonfiction reviewers ($50/book review, $200-$400/feature)


  • Travel Curator needs a freelance producer (5-10 hours/week)

  • Axios needs a remote part-time copy editor

  • Healthline (US/UK/Canada) needs a freelance news fact-checker ($40/hour)

  • Healthline needs US-licensed physicians to be medical reviewers (especially Spanish/English bilingual individuals) ($100/hour)

  • Lumina Datamatics needs a freelance STEM journal article copy editor ($100-$300/day, also listed as full-time)

  • i, Night (UK) needs a freelance night news editor

  • Eater needs an LA-based part-time associate city editor

  • Deadline needs a part-time weekend editor

  • The Seattle Times needs summer 2024 copy editing interns

  • Dibbly needs a US-based remote freelance editor

  • The Mary Sue needs a part-time editor ($25/hour)


  • Gymshark (UK) needs an athlete marketing lead

  • Red Envelope Consulting needs a US-based part-time marketing coordinator (must be in Florida, Texas, or Ohio)

  • Gü Desserts (London) needs a freelance foodie PR

  • Pixated needs a freelance paid media account manager

  • Journey Further needs a US/UK-based freelance B2B PR professional

  • PRM Global needs a freelance PR manager

  • Major Players (UK/US) needs a freelance PR specialist for a pet brand sustainability campaign


  • Venture 4th Media needs a specialized LinkedIn ghostwriter/research assistant for the healthcare sector

  • Twine (US) needs a remote freelance social media consultant

  • Media.Monks Los Angeles needs a mid-to-senior copywriter for a quirky/funny client’s social media

  • Ravenel New Media Consulting needs a remote freelance Google Ads and Meta Ads specialist ($20-$40/hour)

  • The New York Post needs a part-time weekend social media editor ($15/hour)

  • Goodreads (San Francisco, CA) needs a full-time social media and editorial program manager

  • Emerald needs a freelance social media manager for NBA Con

  • Eric Rausch needs freelance email graphic designers

  • Une Femme Wines needs Instagram creators for an influencer partnership

  • White Mountain needs Instagram creators for an influencer partnership





  • Perfect Snacks needs freelance motion designers, copywriters, food videographers, video editors, paid/organic social managers

  • i newspaper needs freelance sub-editors and designers

  • Pleasing needs freelance PRs, graphic designers, social media managers and creators, and content creators

  • 2nd Spark needs freelance writers and designers for oncology, multiple myeloma, and osteoporosis content

  • Chris Stevenson (Toronto) needs remote freelance graphic designers, social media managers, copywriters and editors, videographers, website designers, and a personal assistant

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