November 17, 2023 Freelance Opportunities!

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  • The Media Co-op (Canada) needs pitches for grassroots journalism

  • Xtra Magazine needs trans writers who cover health ($400 CAD, worldwide pitches okay)

  • Good Beer Hunting needs pitches for nature stories

  • This Vox editor is open to pitches

  • Marie Claire needs feature pitches for its money issue

  • Upper East Site (Manhattan) needs freelance journalists

  • Gfinity needs gaming writers for original features and interviews (£250)

  • Bay Nature Magazine (San Francisco) needs story pitches for its Wild Billions project that follows federal funding (up to $1/word)

  • The Gumbo needs pitches about women in your town, country, school, or neighborhood ($275/700 words)

  • Fields & Stations (UK) needs pitches for a story about an inexpensive and carefree holiday (£0.50/word)

  • Cosmopolitan UK needs a freelance writer who has been to Finland (£200)

  • BBC (UK) needs a part-time weekend bulletin reader (14 hours/week)

  • The Guardian (UK) needs pitches on healthy eating for a January 2024 supplement

  • L'Atelier BNP Paribas needs pitches from journalists on emerging technology (up to $1/word)

  • Alma (UK) needs freelance journalists for stories on the environment, housing, education, work, race, health, etc.

  • Leafie (UK) needs pitches on cannabis 

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