June 7, 2024 Freelance Opportunities!

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  • Viator needs two personal essays for Latinx Heritage Month

  • This Magazine (Canada) needs a freelance writer for a culture column (pitches due Monday, June 10)

  • Fast Company needs pitches from writers/PRs

  • Business Insider needs pitches from parents who ditched gentle parenting

  • Bustle Digital Group needs a remote part-time women’s lifestyle commerce writer

  • Bustle Digital Group needs a remote affiliate shopping writer for fashion and women’s lifestyle

  • Digital Frontier needs pitches on culture and tech

  • Dish Cult (Bristol, Manchester and Dublin) needs freelance content writers to write about food

  • Snap Call Media (US/Canada) needs long-form content writers for online gambling content

  • Newsweek (Delaware) needs a freelance journalist to cover the Hunter Biden trial

  • Newsweek (US) needs a remote freelance news reporter ($300-$400/day)

  • The Takeout needs a freelance food and dining news writer

  • Gannett (US) needs a virtual opinion fellow

  • InfraAmericas (Canada) needs a freelance infrastructure reporter

  • Inframation (Mexico) needs a freelance reporter

  • Well+Good needs freelance writers for health content

  • Food World News needs part-time remote freelance food writers ($2.5-$3k/month)

  • Hearst needs a freelance writer to write about lactation

  • Sherwood News needs pitches from freelancers for business coverage


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  • Semrush needs a freelance information gain optimizer to review content, pitch ideas, work on SEO

  • Drifttime needs a part-time remote business growth and development freelancer

  • Threshold needs a freelance brand strategist or copywriter

  • ALJP Consulting needs a business development associate ($500/month, 20 hours/month)


  • The Yard Creative needs a junior account manager

  • Marsym (Toronto) needs an email marketing manager

  • IPG Health needs a freelance managed market group copy supervisor (freelance to full-time position)

  • OverDrive (Cleveland, OH) needs a full-time integrated marketing specialist


  • FIFA needs a social media manager and women’s football social media manager

  • CORA needs a remote social media intern ($1,500/month)

  • ABC News Live needs a freelance social media producer

  • PolyGel needs a freelancer who knows email marketer and social media with a background in graphic design

  • Careerpy needs a remote part-time social media assistant

  • Olivia Witherite needs a social media contractor

  • Aileen Clarke needs a part-time media professional for a client in the aviation industry

  • Chefs Plate (Canada) needs Instagram/TikTok creators for a dollar menu campaign

  • Bonjour Quebec needs Instagram/TikTok creators for a travel campaign

  • Purina Pet needs an Instagram creator for a campaign

  • Kraft Parm needs an Instagram creator to show off Kraft Parmesan cheese

  • Nespresso needs a TikTok creator for its summer campaign

  • Fabrik (US) needs a part-time community engagement host ($25-$27/hour)

  • Canary (US) needs Instagram/TikTok creators to share a sleep gummy ($150)

  • Mauna Loa needs TikTok/Instagram creators

  • Telegraph (London) needs a full-time editorial community editor


  • Poppi needs a remote freelance graphic designer for apparel

  • Forest Lake Greenhouse needs a freelance illustrator for a logo

  • Dark Records needs a crime documentary thumbnail artist ($20-$50/project)

  • GoodLove (London) needs a senior brand designer

  • Flosum (India) needs a graphic designer

  • AdTalent needs a freelance UX designer

  • ustwo needs a freelance product delivery lead (8-week contract, 40 hours/week)

  • ustwo needs a freelance product design lead (remote in EST, 8-week contract, 40 hours/week)

  • ustwo needs a freelance senior product designer (remote in EST, 8-week contract, 40 hours/week)


  • Fortune (New York) needs a video producer (3-month contract)

  • Color Beyond needs a freelance video producer

  • Benefit (San Francisco) needs a freelance video creator

  • LaSalle Network needs a freelance bilingual Spanish/English video editor 

  • Wild needs a freelance video editor for paid social ads

  • WellChild needs a junior freelance video editor

  • Adsocial needs a freelance social media ads and video producer

  • Bright/Shift needs a freelance social video editor


  • WHYY (Philadelphia) needs a part-time associate media instructor

  • Hello Steadman (UK) needs a podcast editor (£15-£150/hour)

  • Hashtag Paid (North America) has potential opportunities for podcasters


  • Stella The Studio needs a tech/automation or development expert to work on a backend website project to move off of Wix

  • Apps AiT (US) needs a freelance mobile app developer

  • Allison Storey (US/UK) needs a freelance web developer ASAP


  • Avi Loren Fox LLC needs a virtual assistant/business consultant ($20-$25/hour)

  • Girls Who Code needs a part-time contract College Loops coordinator ($20-$25/hour, 10-20 hours/week)

  • Common Goal needs a climate community development expert to develop a self-assessment tool


  • Genre Feature Lab (England) is matching writers with a production company to produce a film idea (writers get £3000+travel and accommodations, production company gets £1000+travel and accommodation)

  • BS Space Studio needs a freelance junior designer or marketing intern/assistant

  • Shari Eiesland needs a Spanish-speaking freelance strategist and a freelance creative CD/senior writer

  • Float (Canada/US) needs contract freelance support for content marketing, graphic design, social media, etc.

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