June 12, 2024 Freelance Opportunities!

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Most Lead Magnets Suck. This One Doesn't.

Lame PDFs gathering dust? Videos no one watches?

What if your lead magnet felt like a friendly chat delivering massive value? One that slots into their daily routine for ultra-high conversion?

That's the power of an email-based course. And Master the Email-Based Course gives you the full, proven blueprint top creators use for lead gen, revenue creation, and more.

Dickie Bush said it best: "Actionable takeaways within 5 minutes of digging in. Huge value."

I’m seeing more independent news brands popping up and more journalists going independent. If you’re interested in going on that journey I really subscribing to Lex’s Journalists Pay Themselves newsletter! ⤵️ 

Illinois freelancers: the new Freelance Worker Protection Act goes into effect on July 1. Clients will have to pay within 30 days of completing work and freelancers will be required to get a written contract. It also allows double damages if you aren’t paid on time!

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